Banana Split Salad still a cool dish

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SAN ANTONIO — Today's request is for one of those back-in-the-day recipes that are still tasty today.

Kimberly M. Williams wrote, “First, may I say I simply love your column. I have found many lost recipes through your readers' inquiries. Now it's my turn.

“I recently lost a very good friend at church who used to bring a special dessert to a lot of our functions.

“She is now in a better place, but I would really like to continue her tradition for making this dessert. All I can tell you is what I remember tasting in it.

“It's definitely Cool Whip based. It's pink, has sliced bananas in it, cherries and I think crushed pineapple. She was 76 so I'm sure this is a recipe from 'back in the day'.

“I have done a recipe search but have no idea what the name is, which makes it very difficult. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so very much!”

I knew immediately the recipe that Williams was talking about. Though the recipe title calls this a salad, it's definitely dessert-like. The recipe I'm sharing is called Banana Split Salad but it's also referred to as Cherry Dessert, Cherry Salad, Cherry-Pineapple Salad, Cherry Delight and more.

She's right about it being an older recipe. I'm not sure of the decade it originated, but I'd guess it may have been the '60s.

This recipe comes from Darlene Summers, who shared it on She said of the recipe, “This is a quick fix for a potluck, unexpected company, or if you're just hungry for something sweet.”

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