First look: Guillermo's new location brings family-friendly Italian spot to Pearl area

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The grand opening of the 1216 Austin Street Guillermo's is planned for December 15, 2021. 

The grand opening of the 1216 Austin Street Guillermo's is planned for December 15, 2021. 

Courtesy, Guillermo Garza

The downtown San Antonio area now has two servings of Guillermo's, the Italian restaurant that's been around since 1995. Owner Guillermo Garza and his team are in a soft opening phase at the new Pearl-area outpost with a grand opening set for December 15. 

The expansion to 1216 Austin Street is the first in the 26-year-old restaurant's history. Garza says the new location's menu will mirror the existing offerings, which include pizzas cooked on a wood-burning brick oven, gourmet sandwiches, and pastas. Prices range from $7.49 for something small like a salad to $19.99 for an 18-inch pizza.

While there are parallels between the old and new (like the first Guillermo's, the new addition is housed in a home that's about 100 years old), Garza says customers will sense a new atmosphere at the Austin Street location. The new restaurant offers more outdoor seating and a bar menu focused on beer and wine. The outdoor dining area will have space for live music and room for kids to run around. He said the new Guillermo's fits the "mold" of the trendy destination neighborhood eatery, but with a a laid back, family-friendly atmosphere.

Garza says he's happy to bring a San Antonio-made product to the developing Broadway corridor, which is about a block away, and "retain the charm" of the city, rather than an outside developer using the space. 

"The contrast is the local guys like me, trying to preserve some of the old neighborhoods, some of the old houses, and bringing new businesses in there because the big companies are trying to buy that property where we're at and we're like, 'you know what, no,'" he adds. "We want this here, let San Antonio will decide what we want to do for this area."

The new Guillermo's is less than two miles from the original, which is exactly what Garza intended. 

"We're not interested in going out to the suburbs. We like being downtown because the pressure —you cannot put mediocre food out in downtown San Antonio because the food is just too good," he says. "There's too much competition and that that makes us hustle. You need to be top notch or if not, you're going to get run out of town."

Current hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and noon to 7 p.m. on Sunday. 


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