Pimp defendant to attorney: ‘Don't do me like this, man.’

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Capital murder defendant Glen L. Dukes entered state District Judge Ron Rangel's courtroom quietly Friday and remained that way at the defense table for most of the morning's deliberations -- until his defense attorney passed a witness, in Duke's estimation, prematurely.

"No!" he said to Cornelius Cox in a raised voice, before quickly returning to a lower volume. "Don't do me like this, man."

Shortly thereafter, Rangel had jurors removed from the courtroom so Dukes, who is accused of suffocating Jacqueline Johnson with a plastic bag in 2012 before setting her body on fire, could address the court.

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Dukes, already with two life sentences for forcing five women into prostitution, explained to the judge he was angry because he had written three additional questions he wanted Cox to ask Leonard Flowers, the former boyfriend of Johnson.

Cox told the court that getting into those matters would have been detrimental to Duke's defense.

Rangel offered Dukes the opportunity to read the questions into the record, but he declined to do so unless the jury was present.

Testimony is expected to resume this afternoon.


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