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Amy & Coley House

Amy & Coley House

Growin' Out Loud Darlin'

Amy and Coley House have been successfully using their extensive business experience to guide owners, companies and teams to higher levels of success. Growin' Out Loud Darlin' LLC offers businesses and owners services that will create outstanding results.  After all, if you have results, everyone can see then you are Growin' out Loud.  With over 50+ years of collaborative experience in sales, marketing, business systems and C-suite leadership, this team has worked with 1000s of individuals helping them pivot into more profitable directions, improve systems and efficiencies as well as create culture and staff development.

So many business consultants and coaches utilize a "systems" approach to business owners and businesses.  Other consultants walk businesses through a "workbook" style approach.  However, this duo believes that business is a unique experience.  From the personality of the owner to the culture of the team, every "system" should be uniquely designed and flexible for the organization using it.  There is no "fits all" for any business.  Just as every week or month will bring new challenges to the workplace, Amy and Coley House believe that your consultant or coach should be adjusting to your changing needs with you.

Amy House brings her background in counseling and training to the experience.  She leads the team with consulting, executive coaching and training/speaking.  Coley House brings his background in the creative arts and sales process by leading the marketing agency division of their firm.  With their added team of specialized professionals in web design, virtual administrative support and public relations/ event management, Growin' Out Loud Darlin' LLC could be the support you and your business needs in this constantly changing economy.

If you are ready to increase your sales and marketing reach or navigate a unique business challenge, you can contact them on their website