Why Would Anyone Pay More?

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After several years of practicing in the corporate environment Dr. Ben Poest got fed up with not being able to help his patients because of the high pricing associated with dental care.

Dr. Poest had a vision to open a practice unlike any other in the country to help more patients get dentistry done at a fair price.  He Co-Founded Simply Crowns with Kyle Pletcher who Dr. Poest had worked with in the past.  Mr. Pletcher provided 18 years of business operations background to the team and in 2017 they opened their first practice in Austin.  Simply Crowns is the first in the U.S. to specialize in crowns, bridges, veneers, implants and implant restorations.  Using the highest quality products and industry leading technology they quickly opened their second practice in San Antonio and 3rd in San Marcos.

In the first three years of operation they have been able to help thousands of patients and most importantly they have helped central Texans save close to $7 million in dental services in that short time.

As prices are going up and practices are charging their patients more for PPE required during the pandemic, Simply Crowns is committed to keeping their prices the same for their services.  All consultations are free, all x-rays are free and all crowns are $599 every time.  The average cost for a crown in Central Texas with everything included is at $1500/tooth.  Simply Crowns loves to talk about how they, on average, save their patients $1000/tooth every time.  The savings are even bigger in other services they provide.  For example, implant crowns average $2200/tooth in Central Texas and that is after the implant has already been placed.  Simply Crowns does implant crowns for $999, which includes the custom abutment.

People are always asking how can they do these services at these prices?  Well, because this is all they do.  They have designed the business to keep overhead low and only spend money on their employees and the products they buy to help patients.  All dentist in the U.S. buy their supplies from the same companies, simply crowns has just figured out how to buy smart and utilize what they have at a high level.

“Simply Crowns is changing the game of dentistry, making it truly affordable. A good smile can take you a long way.” – Direct quote from Deion Sanders on 07/24/2020
If you go to the Simply Crowns website you will see a huge smile from NFL hall of famer Deion Sanders and you may wonder, "What is he doing on their website?"  It is because Deion recognized that these guys were on to something and he wanted to get involved and help them grow.  Deion is now the face of Simply Crowns for their commercials and all advertising because after meeting with Dr. Poest and Mr. Pletcher he was excited to get involved.  He has the same vision on growing Simply Crowns to help more patients who have been priced out of dentistry.

If you want to learn more about Simply Crowns please visit our website at www.simplycrowns.com or feel free to call anyone of our offices to ask questions.