BASSO36O Marketing & Advertising Launches Campaigns for Five New Clients

Photo Credit: Texas Beer Company/Basso 360 Marketing & Advertising

Photo Credit: Texas Beer Company/Basso 360 Marketing & Advertising

Hand-out/Basso360 Marketing & Advertising

CEO Cory Basso Joins Two Established Texas Consulting Firms 

San Antonio, Texas, June 1, 2021 - Award-winning marketing and advertising executive Cory Basso, CEO of Basso360 Marketing & Advertising, today announced the addition of five clients and the focuses of their campaigns.  Basso is bringing 37 years of brand building and marketing strategy to Texas Beer Company, The Witte Museum, Morgan’s Wonderland Inclusion Foundation, Janicek Law, and Rubiola Realty & Mortgage.  In addition, Basso has joined two consulting firms: The CMO Consulting Group in Austin and Advanced Operations Partners in San Antonio. 

Basso360 created a cause-based marketing campaign for Texas Beer Company’s new craft beer, K9 Lager, set to launch in June. The beverage is a new addition to Texas Beer Company’s line of award-winning craft beers and will support nonprofit K9s For Warriors, the nation’s largest provider of trained Service Dogs to military veterans suffering from service-related trauma.  Based in Florida, K9s For Warriors is building a new facility in San Antonio, which will open this Fall. 

“We are proud to launch K9 Lager to help support disabled veterans suffering from PTSD and other service-related trauma.  The military is a major part of Texas and we look forward to doing our small part to those who have given so much to our country,” stated Ian Davis, CEO of Texas Beer Company. 

Basso360 collaborated with Plot Twist Creativity in Dallas to design a brand-new campaign for The Witte Museum with a launch date coinciding with the beginning of summer.  “The strategy created by Basso360 will help us communicate the many wonders of The Witte highlighting our numerous exhibits and inviting families to Rediscover the Renewed, Rejuvenated, Remarkable Witte,” said Marise McDermott, CEO of The Witte Museum. “And the creative campaign created by Plot Twist will help create a brand-new personality for the museum.”  

For Morgan’s Wonderland Inclusion Foundation (, Basso360 will enhance their Mission of Inclusion in addition to promoting their many Ultra Inclusive ™, fully-inclusive entities – Morgan’s Wonderland, Morgan’s Wonderland Inspiration Island, the brand new Ultra-Inclusive™ Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, The Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland (The MAC), and Morgan’s Wonderland Sports.  

“We’re proud to work with Cory Basso, a long-time supporter of our group, who is especially active in our community through several organizations that support individuals with special needs,” said Gordon Hartman, Founder of Morgan’s Wonderland Inclusion Foundation. 

The most recent additions for Basso360 are Rubiola Realty & Mortgage and Janicek Law.  Basso360 will generate awareness for Rubiola’s unique low-cost transaction fee of $499 offered to agents instead of the thousands of dollars Agents pay Brokers today. Basso360 will also develop a brand awareness campaign for their realty and mortgage services. For Janicek Law, Basso360 will devise a strategy to help bring clients who have experienced physical, sexual, or mental abuse while under the care of a nursing home, assisted living home or home healthcare as well as Medical Malpractice Clients to Janicek Law, which has been helping victims of abuse and Medical Malpractice for over 25 years. 

About Cory Basso 
Cory Basso has 37 years of advertising and marketing experience working with some of the largest brands in the world including Toyota USA, Famers Insurance, Mazda, Coors Light, Heineken Worldwide, Molson, Capital One Credit Cards, and Sony USA among others. Most recently, Basso led H-E-B’s marketing and advertising efforts for 17 years. His experience spans many industries comprising automotive, beverage distribution, electronics, financial services, retail, and professional sports marketing Basso’s expertise includes brand transformation and building, digital transformation, and product brand development. He has garnered hundreds of awards including the Innovation and Leadership in Advertising Award from the American Advertising Federation.  Contact Cory Basso at Basso360 Marketing & Advertising by calling 210.663.4030 or emailing